This program can be used to convert an Oric BASIC program to and from TAPE binary format. Technicaly this means that instead of using the Oric BASIC line based text editor, you can edit an ORIC BASIC program entirely in a comfortable text editor, and then convert it automaticaly to a tape file format that can later be loaded on the emulator -or played on a real Oric-.


To transform a binary file as a texte file:

	%OSDK%\bin\Bas2Tap [switches] source_file destination_file
  • With the -t2b switch Bas2Tap converts a binary encoded tape to text format:

    -t2b tapefile textfile 
  • The -b2t[0|1] switch convert a text file to binary encoded tape format

    -b2t0 textfile tapefile 
          => Generate a TAPE file that do not auto run after the loading is finished 
          (you have to manualy use the RUN command)
    -b2t1 textfile tapefile 
          => Generate a TAPE file that auto run after the loading is finished
  • The -color[0|1] switch set if the REM and ' statements should be colorized or not

Known issues

No known problem - please signal any issue on the Cross development tools forum.

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Coverity Scan Build Status
Version 1.0
  • Added the handling of token codes over 246 to allow the dump of corrupted files, these will have a CORRUPTED ERROR CODE nnn message at the location of the corrupted data (in this particular case it was the game ENCOUNTER from Severn Software at line 11150 having a 'NEXT WITHOUT FOR' message displayed
  • Fixed the program so it can output to a file instead of stdout
Version 0.2
  • Fixed a bug causing loading problems
Version 0.1
  • Created Bas2Tap by joining and extending two of Fabrice Frances programs: Bas2Txt and Txt2Bas
  • Added error messages when missing line numbers are found
  • Added support for the #file preprocessor directive making it possible to link together more than one BASIC source code and get the right error messages