This tool is designed to allow the creation of real Oric compatible floppies, from a DSK file.


To create a floppy disc, here is the syntax:

	%OSDK%\bin\WriteDsk disk_image floppy_drive

Known issues

Reported by Dbug the Sat 1st January 2000

Issue #17: Windows 2000 compatibility
Details: WriteDsk is a very low level MS-DOS tool, unfortunately it is not able to access the floppy controller when used in a modern Windows system

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Made with the OSDK

Space 1999
by José María Enguita

“An isometric adventure game, based on the original Space 1999 TV series from the 70s”

Released in 2009

“Wonderfull game”

“My favorit sci-fi tv-series in the 70th. Space 1999 is now a game for the Oric. This is GREAT!!! I have long worked to make a game about Space 1999 for the Oric, but this is much much better. But nice to see, that the Title (Space 1999) I have made, is used in the game. Now back to playing...”

“aaahhh Si c'etait sortie en 84 ou 85... l'Oric aurait mis une claque a pas mal de monde !!! Vraiment une prouesse de programmation Bravo”