Add a header to a raw binary file in order to make it loadable by an Oric using the CLOAD command. This operation is necessary because the result of the compilation process is a raw binary file without any loading information.


To add or remove a header on a tape file:

	%OSDK%\bin\Header [switches] source_file destination_file load_adress

Please note that for the load adress, hexadecimal adresses should be prefixed by a $ symbol.


The -a switch control the autorun flag:

-a0 => program simply load and stop
-a1 => program automaticaly executes after loading

The -h switch controls fact that the header is present or removed

-h0 => Remove the header
-h1 => Output a file with a header

The -s switch controls the display of file size information. This switch is particularly interesting for people coding size limited programs, like roms, minigames or 256 bytes demos.

-s0 => No size infor,ation is displayed
-s1 => Display size informations in the output

To enable this feature in your own programs, just modify your OSDK_CONFIG.BAT file, and add the following:


Known issues

Reported by Badger the Wed 4th March 2020

Issue #36: Better handling of header removing
Details: Currently fails (using OSDK 1.12) and pauses cmd windows when trying to remove a header from a headerless Tap file. Would be nice to have option to either fail with error message and pause or just copy the source file to the new filename with no error message or pause.

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Coverity Scan Build Status
Version 1.0
  • Added the flag -b to specify if the converted file should expose 00 (BASIC) or 80 (Binary) in the header
Version 0.1
  • Added s0/s1 mode to display file size information.
    Very usefull when you want to know the size of your game in a minigame compo...