The linker is responsible to solve the referencement of labels, and eventually append library source codes to the build process.

To disable the automatic inclusion of 'header.s' and 'tail.s', just modify your OSDK_CONFIG.BAT file, and add the following:


The -d defines the location of the library files. It must be followed by a path:

	-d /usr/oric/lib/

The -s defines the location of the sources files. It must be followed by a path:

	-s /sources/oric/demo/

The -o defines the name of the outputed file. It must be followed by the file name. By default the output name will be 'go.s':

	-o final.s

The -l switch prints out defined labels.Usefull when building lib index files.

The -v switch activates the verbose mode.

The -q switch enables the quiet mode.

The -b switch disables the automatic inclusion of 'header.s' and 'tail.s

The -f inserts a #file directives before each linked file.

Known issues

No known problem - please signal any issue on the Cross development tools forum.

Resolved issues

Reported by Jede the Mon 13th February 2017
Fixed in OSDK 1.9

Issue #13: Linker failing to include relative files
Details: While working on Telemon, found out that it was impossible to link a module containing #include "../oric-common/include/asm/telemon.h"

Reported by Chema the Tue 12th January 2016
Fixed in OSDK 1.8

Issue #11: Linker does not process include files
Details: If you include files that define labels (ex: the loader data table) the linker will generally ignore them and throw a undefined externals symbols error.

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Coverity Scan Build Status
Version 0.67
  • Error messages now indicate that they came from the Linker, because a generic 'Error, can't load xxxx' was not very informative
Version 0.66
  • The new macro file generate lines that contain multiple instructions, the linker stopped at the first encountered instruction, this new version correctly parses that
Version 0.65
  • Fixed some issues in the token pattern matching used to detect labels resulting in #includes containing relative paths to be incorrectly parsed
Version 0.64
  • Fixed the age old problem of includes from assembler sources leading to Unresolved External errors
Version 0.59
  • Corrected a bug that made it impossible to 'link' only one source file
Version 0.58
  • Added filtering of all '#' directives
  • Added an icon to the executable file to make it more 'OSDK' integrated :)
  • Added '-F' option to enable #file directive (requires modified XA assembler)
  • Modified the handling of comments to avoid crashes on C and C++ comments
Version 0.57
  • Added '-B' option to suppress inclusion of HEADER and TAIL
Version 0.56
  • Handling of lines that have more than 180 characters