This program simply reads the list of symbol that is generated by the assembler, and generate an HTML page that can then be displayed by any web browser.


To generate a html report:

	%OSDK%\bin\MemMap symbol_file output_html_file program_title css_file

In the samples folders you will find some 'osdk_showmap.bat' files that perform all that automaticaly.

Known issues

No known problem - please signal any issue on the Cross development tools forum.

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Coverity Scan Build Status
Version 0.4
  • The sections that contain no data are not shown anymore.
  • The program now computes an aproximate size of functions by detecting 'master blocks' based on the presence of external linking markers (ie: names that starts by an underscore symbol).
Version 0.3
  • Some internal cleaning and bug fixing.
Version 0.2
  • Added support for Atari symbols files generated by Devpac/GenST.
Version 0.1
  • First released version.