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“Old computers never die .. their users do!”
Note: The prebuilt OSDK archives only contain Windows executables (they have been successfully tested with Wine).

If you want a proper Linux version of the OSDK, you can build it yourself from the source code, see this forum thread for details.


  OSDK Version 1.20
Sun 15th January 2023

  • Upgraded Bas2Tap to version 2.2, with improved error messages, and support for easily importing and calling assembler modules
  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.6 which now returns an Error code value 1 if a source file is missing
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to version 1.3 (fixed some issues with relative paths in the description file)
  • Added two sample programs in sample\mixed\basic_with_assembler to show how to mix assembly code and BASIC and one in sample\basic to demonstrate the use of symbols in a BASIC program
Download Oric SDK 1.20


  OSDK Version 1.19
Wed 11th August 2021

  • All the binaries are now compiled with Visual Studio 2019 instead of 2010. This should make it easier to update in the future, but this may also have uncovered some bugs and behavior change, so beware and signal any regression
  • A new environment variable, OSDKCPPFLAGS, which can be used to pass additional data to the C preprocessor (like additional defines)
  • Upgraded Oricutron to the version 1.2.4.
Download Oric SDK 1.19

  OSDK Version 1.18
Sun 3rd January 2021

  • Upgraded Linker to the version 0.67: It now indicates that error messages come from Link65, should make diagnostic errors easier
  • Upgraded Header with an option to specify BASIC (-b0) or BINARY (-b1)
  • Upgraded the compiler to version 1.39 with a fix for inline assembler directives not being generated at the proper location in the code
  • Added native OSDK joystick support (library code and sample program) for PASE, IJK, OPEL and Telestrat interafaces (working and tested) as well as Dk'Tronic support (needs more work)
  • Changed the Oricutron default settings to declare the presence of a IJK joystick interface and two SDL joysticks.
Download Oric SDK 1.18


  OSDK Version 1.17
Wed 9th December 2020

  • Added INCW_Z and DECW_Z to the C Compiler macros file
  • A new environment variable, OSDKLIB, can be added to point to a custom library folder (used to compile pinforic which comes with its own lib16 library)
  • Linux makefiles for the samples are now present in the folders (but don't ask me if they work, ask Jylam or mmu_man)
Download Oric SDK 1.17

  OSDK Version 1.16
Thu 20th February 2020

  • Upgraded ym2mym to version 1.8 (New retuning options supporting Spectrum and MSX machines)
Download Oric SDK 1.16


  OSDK Version 1.15
Sat 7th September 2019

  • Upgraded the C compiler to version 1.38 by integrating all the latest changes from Fabrice Frances: Fixes some issues found by Goyo and Retroric regarding encoding of data tables by the compiler.
  • Changed back the default compile optimization level from -O3 to -O2 - there are still some cases of bad code generation
  • Fixed a problem with include/sys/sound.h containing invalid symbols that don't compile correctly
Download Oric SDK 1.15

  OSDK Version 1.14
Sat 8th June 2019

  • Upgraded the C compiler to version 1.36 by integrating all the latest changes from Fabrice Frances:
    • Better code generator
    • float/int conversion fixes
    • better error handling
  • Changed the default compile optimization level from -O2 to -O3 - providing significantly better code generation, both in size and speed
  • The code generator macro file is now compatible with both XA and FRASM
  • Upgraded Link65 to the version 0.66: The new macro file generate lines that contain multiple instructions, the linker stopped at the first encountered instruction, this new version correctly parses that
  • Updated FilePack version number to 0.2 to 0.5 after somebody reported an issue with a veryyyyyyy old version which happened to have the same version number of a much more recent one.
  • Tap2Dsk 2.1.1: Added a fix to avoid the tool to stay stuck on tapes with incorrect size specified in their headers
  • Fixed a problem with itoa not correctly processing negative numbers (the '-'' was overwritten by the number printing routine). Also took the opportunity to optimize the code (removed the jsr itoa / rts as well as an unnecessary x register clearing (it's set to zero when we are back from udiv10)
  • Added support for %u to printf
Download Oric SDK 1.14


  OSDK Version 1.13
Sun 14th October 2018

  • Upgraded Bas2Tap to version 2.1, with better handling of defines and DATA instructions
  • Added a missing EQ0W_C macro for the C compiler.
  • Added a missing reference to Sedoric in the library library index file
Download Oric SDK 1.13

  OSDK Version 1.12
Sun 29th July 2018

  • Upgraded Bas2Tap to version 2.0, with support for labels, defines, escape codes and binary optimization
  • Updated macros for the C compiler from version 1.29 to 1.30 (fixes in the ADDW_IID, SUBW_IID, ANDW_IID, XORW_IID and ORW_IID which used the wrong register to access the source pointer).
  • Fixed the BomberZ samples program to use the new Bas2Tap syntax
  • Fixed the library functions 'scanf' and 'sscanf' (For some reason these files had not been converted to use the XA syntax when we switched from FRASM)
  • Upgraded the version of Sedoric 3 used by Tap2DSK with the patch that improves the handling of the "insert master disk" prompt
  • Modified the Oricutron batch file to use PUSHD/POPD instead of CD, this makes it possible to start the emulator even when the project is on another disk drive location
Download Oric SDK 1.12

  OSDK Version 1.11
Sat 17th March 2018

  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to version 1.2 (fixed issues with gap2 and crc values)
  • Upgraded Bas2Tap to version 1.0, now correctly handles corrupted programs using out of range tokens as well as saving to a file instead of stdout
  • Upgraded PictConv to version 1.0 (Fixed some error handling as well as a minor issue in the Atari multipalette conversion)
Download Oric SDK 1.11


  OSDK Version 1.10
Thu 13th April 2017

  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.5 (Added a new '-cc' command line parameter to allow compatibility with the CC65 toolchain)
  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.25 (Fixed the off-by-one error in the tape header when Exporting Oric images to tape format)
  • Added a new environment variable, OSDKXAPARAMS, which can be used to pass any arbitrary set of parameters to XA when the build script is called
Download Oric SDK 1.10

  OSDK Version 1.9
Sat 18th March 2017

  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.4 (Extended the values for a number of hardcoded defines (labels, blocks, number of open files, etc...))
  • Upgraded Linker to the version 0.65 (Fixed some issues in the token pattern matching used to detect labels resulting in #includes containing relative paths to be incorrectly parsed)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to version 1.1 (New format, new commands, sector interleaving, ...)
  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.24 (Fixed a problem in the color reduction code failing on a 32bit source image)
  • 6502 syntax coloring for Notepad++, by Jede
Download Oric SDK 1.9


  OSDK Version 1.8
Sun 17th January 2016

  • The build script is now correctly setting up XA: If you use 65816 or 65c02 instructions they will be refused with an error message
  • Upgraded Linker to the version 0.64 (fixed a bunch of problems with include files and external symbols)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to version 0.19 (Better error handling)
  • Improved the FloppyBuilder sample program with a new API file to make it easier to use
Download Oric SDK 1.8

  OSDK Version 1.7
Thu 7th January 2016

  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.23 (Two new options for the Atari ST monochrome mode, -f2 and -s1)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to the version 0.18 (Added a 'ReserveSectors' command that can be used to leave room on the disk for save games or stuff like that)
  • Added a FloppyBuilder sample program.
  • The OSDK is now going through the Coverity analyzer (https://scan.coverity.com/projects/osdk - a number of small issues have been corrected, but as all code changes that can lead to bugs).
Download Oric SDK 1.7


  OSDK Version 1.6
Sun 31st May 2015

  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.22 (Fixed the -o0/-o1 documentation error, and made the -f5 charmap mode actually work)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to the version 0.17 (data can now be extracted from an existing DSK file, parser and macro expansion improvements)
  • Upgraded ym2mym to version 1.6 (music can now be truncated and faded out)
  • Disabled the verbose messages displayed by old2mfm.
Download Oric SDK 1.6

  OSDK Version 1.5
Sat 14th February 2015

  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.21 (Support for AIC pictures and alpha channel in pictures)
Download Oric SDK 1.5


  OSDK Version 1.4
Fri 12th December 2014

  • Upgraded Oricutron to version 1.2
  • Upgraded ym2mym to version 1.5
  • Updated the documentation
Download Oric SDK 1.4

  OSDK Version 1.3
Sat 20th September 2014

  • Updated code generator and macros for the C compiler (bug fix for the MicroChess program).
  • Many fixes to make the LINUX version a reality (case change for files, gcc compile fixes, ...).
  • Upgraded Bas2Tap and Tap2Dsk to give names to the generated tapes.
  • Upgraded Header to version 0.2: The address can now be specified with either $ or 0x as an hexadecimal prefix
Download Oric SDK 1.3

  OSDK Version 1.2
Sun 16th March 2014

Download Oric SDK 1.2

  OSDK Version 1.1
Mon 24th February 2014

Download Oric SDK 1.1

  OSDK Version 1.0
Sun 23rd February 2014

  • Oricutron 0.9 is now used by default instead of Euphoric, you can set OSDKEMUL to choose between EUPHORIC and Oricutron.
  • Added FloppyBuilder 0.15 - A new tool to generate bootable floppies with full access to overlay memory.
  • Added Ym2Mym 1.4 - A new tool to convert Atari ST and Amstrad musics to a format suitable for the Oric.
  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.19 (New 'img2oric/libpipi' algorithm)
  • Plus quite many internal changes (linux compatibility, bug fixes, ...) which should not impact the end user of the SDK
Download Oric SDK 1.0


  OSDK Version 0.20
Sun 8th April 2012

Download Oric SDK 0.20


  OSDK Version 0.19
Tue 18th January 2011

  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.3
  • Added TapTool 1.0 - Should work as a drop-in replacement for Tap2CD, in the future will provide in one tool all the functionalities of Tap2Wav, Tap2CD and Tap2DSK.
  • Added DskTool 1.0 - Should work as a drop-in replacement for Old2Mfm, in the future will provide in one tool all the functionalities of Old2Mfm, Raw2Mfm, CRCFix, Init, MakeDsk, ...
Download Oric SDK 0.19

  OSDK Version 0.18
Sat 15th January 2011

  • Upgraded Euphoric to the version 1014
  • Upgraded MemMap to the version 0.004
  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.1
  • The handling of the stackframe should not be more robust, fixing the random variable corruption that happened in code using many functions calls and local variables.
  • The libraries now contains a 32 bit multiplication routine, and a Microsoft compatible random number generator.
Download Oric SDK 0.18


  OSDK Version 0.17
Fri 12th February 2010

  • Added taptap.exe in the bin folder.
  • Added a 256 bytes assembler sample demo.
  • Updated Xa.exe.
  • Updated tap2dsk.exe.
  • Updated Link65.exe - it accepts now up to 10000 labels instead of 2000.
  • Updated FilePack.
  • Updated PictConv.
  • Updated MemMap.
  • Updated Bas2Tap - it can now add colors to comments.
  • Modified make.bat to make it work with the new disk building system.
  • Modified osdk_euphoric.bat to restore the current directory on exit.
  • Fixed the build scripts for some of the samples, that pointed on the wrong location for data files.
  • Fixed lib.h, peek/poke/deek/doke should now work correctly.
  • Removed the Visual Studio project files from the sample.
Download Oric SDK 0.17


  OSDK Version 0.16
Wed 13th December 2006

  • Replaced a part of the build process that was crashing Wine. It is now possible to compile an Oric program with the OSDK on a Linux machine.
  • If you have DosBox installed, it is now possible to run Euphoric in a windowed mode.
  • Updated the documentation with more interpage links.
  • Upgraded Euphoric to the version 1007
  • Added Bas2Tap as a native part of the OSDK. It is now possible to generate programs from a BASIC source code easily.
  • Added a lot of options to fine tune the output of Bin2Txt, including the possibility to generate BASIC files.
  • PictConv can now export pictures as BASIC DATA lines.
  • PictConv can convert colored pictures that are not 240 pixels wide
Download Oric SDK 0.16

  OSDK Version 0.15
Wed 2nd August 2006

  • Corrected a stupid mistake that led to invalid code generation
Download Oric SDK 0.15

  OSDK Version 0.14
Thu 1st June 2006

  • Some new features in PictConv:
    • If there is something specified after -o3 or -o4 modes, it's used as a label name to use when generating source code data.
    • If there is a 'z' specified after -f0 mode (monochrome conversion), it means that bit 6 should not be set in converted bytes
    • Added -n switch to set the number of values per line (stolen from Bin2Txt !)
  • Update the documentation page about PictConv, it was severly lacking some important details -like file formats-
Download Oric SDK 0.14

  OSDK Version 0.13
Sun 4th June 2006

  • Corrected a bug in the makefile (introduce in version 0.012) that make it impossible to compile C programs
  • It is now possible to use .ASM extension for assembly source code, in addition to .S
  • Added pictures of Windows 2000 and Windows XP system properties in the installation page.
Download Oric SDK 0.13

  OSDK Version 0.12
Sun 4th June 2006

  • Corrected a bug in the linker that made it impossible to use the linker with only one source file
  • Corrected a bug in the #file command in XA, it now correctly displays the file and line if an error happens during the second pass
  • Corrected a bug in the handling of static function pointer generating bad code (1.29 code generator by Fabrice)
  • Added an option to display the size of generated programs in Header
Download Oric SDK 0.12

  OSDK Version 0.11
Wed 1st March 2006

  • Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code (overflow when offset was equal to 4096 exactly)
  • Corrected a bug (hack) in XA that make it crash when processing too many levels of macro expansion
  • Added a way to generate masks from a bitmap in PictConv
  • Added support for Atari ST compatible bitmap data in PictConv
  • Added an option in Bin2Txt to set the number of values per line of data
  • Added a new program in the OSDK, MemMap with the associated osdk_showmap.bat to show how memory is used


  OSDK Version 0.10
Thu 1st January 2004

  • Corrected bug in the memset routine: it was trashing the first byte that follow the routine.
  • Added screenshots of Euphoric menu, boot sequence and debugger in action

  OSDK Version 0.9
Thu 1st January 2004

  • Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code
  • Corrected a bug in the EQW_DI macro instruction
  • Modified the linker to handle pure assembly code projects (SET OSDKLINK=-B in the configuration file)
  • Modified the linker to make it not complain about .( and .)
  • Modified the linker to add #file directives in order to get valid error messages (file/line) from XA assembler
  • Modified the linker to makes it accept /* */ comments (was previously crashing badly)
  • Modified the assembleur to accept the #file directive
  • Modified the makefile to accept a OSDKCOMP variable to handle compiler optimisation settings
  • Updated Euphoric to release 1.004a
  • Added 'testing' mode to PictConv
  • Added a 'do not save header' mode to FilePack
  • Added a new sample project: 4KKong game


  OSDK Version 0.8
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected bug in the code generator: floating point code is now working.
  • Made some improvements in the build and execute batch files.
  • Added already made Visual Studio projects and workspaces.

  OSDK Version 0.7
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected bug in the code generator: function pointers are now working correctly.
  • Corrected bug in the code generator: NULL pointers as parameters are now working correctly.
  • Corrected bug in memset, it was crashing !
  • Added configuration information on how to use VisualC++ and UltraEdit for editing.
  • Added some definitions in the glossary.
  • Added a page with the 6502 instruction set.

  OSDK Version 0.6
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected bug with -u option of FilePack (was not working anymore)
  • Corrected various problems in the documentation (spelling, html errors)
  • Added version number on the first documentation page.

  OSDK Version 0.5
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected error in Bin2Txt documentation
  • Corrected problem with the 'tmp' folder that was missing in the Zip archive
  • Added FreeImage.dll (needed for PictConv)

  OSDK Version 0.4
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Updated code generator and macros for the C compiler.
  • Updated tape header manager, can now remove headers and set autorun flag
  • Added FilePack, Bin2Txt, PictConv, WriteDsk, Tap2Cd and Tap2Wav
  • Added this documentation :)
  • Added two samples (picture display, and file decompression)
  • Added 'file_unpack' function
  • Corrected bug in 'clock' function
  • XA symbol table is now compatible with Euphoric debuger format

  OSDK Version 0.3
Tue 1st January 2002

  • Lots of modification. The setup/use is a lot simpler than before.
  • Can now be used from within Visual Studios.
  • Euphoric is integrated into the release


  OSDK Version 0.2
Wed 1st August 2001

  • Correction of a bug in the header creator

  OSDK Version 0.1
Thu 1st March 2001

  • First official version of the OSDK

Coverity Scan Build Status
The complete source code of the OSDK is available on Defence-Force's source code repository